Learning Piano Will Make You a Better Guitar Player

By Dave Eichenberger There are lots of reasons why we chose guitar over piano. Piano players have to deal with strict teachers with rulers that slap our wrists every time we use the wrong fingering. Piano isn’t portable, and other than kicking the stool behind you and standing up, there are no rock-approved stage moves….

My Top 10 Tips for Effective Rehearsal

Performing live is harder than it seems. Sure, the band makes it look easy, and everyone has the perfect parts at just the right time. Bigger acts know just where to stand for certain lighting effects, and the guitarist is always under the spotlight for The Big Solo. However, what you might not know is…

How To Read Guitar Tabs

Despite how much jazz and theater guitarists don’t like it, most players don’t know how to read standard music notation. Instead of learning by reading dots on a page, they end up relying on their ears and eyes, which has served many guitarists well. This isn’t another argument for or against standard notation (you can…

Finding the Right Guitar Teacher

Say you find yourself playing the same things over and over again, or you’re at the beginning and you don’t know where to start. Books, magazines and YouTube are confusing, so you go to seek out someone to make sense of it all. It is time to look for a guitar teacher! Hopefully this article can give you something to consider when choosing someone who can not only show you what you want and need to know, but who can inspire you to create things you never thought you could.

Cage Match: Standard Notation vs Tablature

In this series of articles, I will attempt to encourage an open dialog about very polarizing viewpoints regarding standard notation verses tablature, but in a more or less positive manner. Some people know only one, some know both. Usually guitarists have pretty strong views on why one is better than the other. The great thing…

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