Anatomy Of A Humbucker

Maybe you’ve always wondered what some parts of a humbucker do, maybe you want to get some solid ground under your feet before attempting a magnet swap or maybe even a hybrid, or maybe you’re simply curious. In any case, I want to make this article your stepping stone.

Pushing The Boundaries With Parallel Axis Trembuckers

“Guitarists love new things and innovative design, as long as everything remains the same.” That’s a remark one of my friends once made. It may be slightly tongue in cheek, but it is true to some extent. New technologies aren’t greeted by guitarists as enthusiastically as in other fields. But every once in a while…

Parallel Axis Trembucker: My Experiences

One of my Les Pauls was in need of new pickups, and I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I usually get PAF-style pickups and I occasionally go a bit hotter, but I decided to try the Seymour Duncan PATB-1 and PATB-2 pickups. I asked Seymour Duncan to change the magnets though. Instead of the Alnico 5 for the PATB-1 and the ceramic for the PATB-2, I chose Alnico 8 magnet bars for both.

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