SEYMOUR DUNCAN RELEASE SILVER LAKE  SANTA BARBARA, January 5, 2018 – Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups and pedals, announces the release of Silver Lake Reverb Pedal.  Silver Lake is a fully programmable reverb workstation, combining high quality reverb algorithms with unique dynamic control and powerful tone shaping options for a deep sonic experience – whether you…

Seymour Duncan Releases the Andromeda Dynamic Delay Pedal

Seymour Duncan Releases the Andromeda Dynamic Delay Pedal SANTA BARBARA, CA April 9, 2017 – Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups, pedals and power amps, announces the Andromeda Dynamic Delay, a digital delay that employs the same Dynamic Expression™ technology found in the Catalina Dynamic Chorus to let you control certain effect parameters with…

Introducing The Andromeda Dynamic Delay Pedal

Delay is one of those effects that you can use either as an ambient one to help give your guitar a sense of place within a song, or as a more obvious effect, used for its rhythmic or textural traits. The Andromeda Dynamic Delay does all of these with studio quality but it also adds…

Why Your Chorus Needs Dynamic Expression

When you play guitar there’s an interaction between your hands, the strings, the pickups and your amplifier and speaker. There’s something primal and instinctive about it: pick delicately and your sound responds in kind, but pick harder and the intensity of your sound magnifies and matches your mood.

Forza Overdrive Now Available Everywhere

Our Forza Overdrive is a full-range, highly adjustable and transparent overdrive pedal that maintains the natural voice of your guitar even while it boosts your gain. Compared to the 805 Overdrive it has a more open, earthy voicing. Its three-band EQ lets you boost or cut the Bass, Middle and Treble and it has plenty of crunch whether…

Building an Acoustic Pedalboard

By Dave Eichenberger Using pedals with an acoustic guitar is a pretty counter-intuitive thing. After all, it is an acoustic guitar, and it gets its name from the sound of the guitar in a room, with the reflections blaring out from the soundboard in all directions of the room. A pickup or even a microphone…

The Development Of The Catalina Dynamic Chorus

The most exciting thing about working for a company that makes pickups and pedals is the opportunity to participate in new product development. There are many different elements to this process: the brainstorming, the prototyping, the look, the written materials, the media clips to let folks know what it sounds like. The Catalina Dynamic Chorus…

Introducing The Shapeshifter Tremolo

Introducing the new Shape Shifter Tremolo pedal! Whether you’re looking for a flickery vintage shimmer, extreme choppiness, backwards swells or rhythmic stabs, the Shape Shifter is designed to do it all.

Meet The Vise Grip Guitar Compressor Pedal

Meet the newest member of the Seymour Duncan guitar effect pedal family: the Vise Grip compressor. It’s an all-analog soft-knee compressor pedal with a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s designed to give you studio-grade sound and it’s carefully engineered to give you an extremely fine level of control in an intuitive way without requiring lots of set-up time.

Seymour Duncan Releases The Vapor Trail Analog Delay

The recently-released Dirty Deed Distortion pedal now has a playmate: the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail analog delay. The Vapor Trail is a true analog delay which uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) for that classic vintage analog delay sound: warm, full, lush and packed with vibe and musicality. And if it all began and ended there, the Vapor Trail would be a pretty fun pedal. But this little box has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

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