ESP’s 40th Anniversary Exhibition Limited 2015 Collection

ESP celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2015, and they’ve unveiled the 40th Anniversary Exhibition Limited 2015 collection of very special guitars and basses designed to showcase the skills and creativity of their craftsmen and the quality of the materials they work with.

The Best Pickups for Note Separation Metal Edition

If you frequent guitar related forums and blogs one thing you may see being discussed is note separation. But what is note separation, and why would a guitar player be looking for this in a guitar pickup?

6-String Nazgûl, Sentient and Pegasus Now Available

You no longer need a 7 or 8 string guitar to get the punch you in the chest ruthlessness of the Nazgûl or the enhanced dynamics and string separation of the Pegasus. As of today these pickups are now shipping to stores in 6-string versions. The Nazgûl was developed for extreme metal players who required…

Cage Match: 6 Vs. 7/8 Strings

These days we see a bunch of 7 and 8 string guitars next to the Ol’ Faithful 6 string on the shop walls. What is with these crazy things, anyway? Why do we need one or two more strings? Are those extra strings really gonna be used? This article will unravel this battle, which seems…

Unleashing The Flexibility Of The Sentient

I’ve been fascinated by 7-string guitars since I first heard about them in 1990. I was 12 years old at the time and I saw Steve Vai on TV describing his new axe, and that it was good for all sorts of genres, not just rock. That always stuck with me, although it would be…

Aristides Unveils The 070 7-String

Aristides Instruments from The Netherlands have just previewed the 070, a 7-string guitar that will be officially launched at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in January. Made from a single piece of Arium, it’s a 26.5” scale instrument available with passive or active electronics – including your choice of our passive Pegasus bridge and Sentient neck pickups, or active Blackouts.

Successful Bass And 8-String Guitar Integration

Are you a bass player in a band that features guitarists who play 7-string or 8-string guitars? This is becoming more and more of an issue lately. And I should know: I’ve been playing 7-string guitars for about ten years now, and about a month ago I finally made the leap to 8-strings via an…

Fanfare for the Schizoid Men: 6 Great Tones in Prog

Ahh, progressive rock. Never has there been a movement in contemporary music that was probably more hated by critics, real punks, and hipsters. My guess is that either they didn’t quite understand it, or were threatened by it, but progressive rock (and we are talking vintage here) influenced bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and every progressive metal band around today.

The Ultra Mega Sweep Lick Of Doom

Okay, today I’m going to give you a little freebie: my Ultra Mega Lick Of Doom. This started out as a melody I was working on for a song I never got around to finishing. Frankly, as a melody it kinda sounded a bit boring. But I soon realised that a) whenever I practiced it,…

Cage Match: Tradition vs. Technology

We guitarists always seem to be at a crossroads. On one hand there are the iconic guitars and amps made famous by a handful of American and British companies that are still used by guitarists over a half century later, and on the other hand there are new companies with new technologies that constantly push…

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