2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a year filled with ups and downs, triumph and tragedy. It seemed busier than normal as far as years go. It was a whirlwind in every sense of the word: socially, musically and in the entertainment world.

The Perpetual Burn – a review from a non-shredder’s perspective

Jason Becker is one of those players that has inspired countless guitar players. His command of the guitar blew people’s minds, and when ALS so tragically took his ability to do almost everything, he, with the help of his father still found a way to keep on communicating with people, and create new music, continuing…

The Jason Becker Perpetual Burn in the Bomber!

Jason Becker Perpetual Burn humbucker, has actually been around in prototype form since the 90s. Designed with Jason during his tenure in David Lee Roth’s band, shortly before ALS robbed him of the ability to play, this pickup was one of the best-kept secrets of the Duncan Custom Shop.

The Jason Becker Perpetual Burn Humbucker

After more than 20 years since he first worked with the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, Jason Becker reached out to Duncan to once again talk pickups, and the result is the Jason Becker Perpetual Burn  Humbucker. But to explain how Jason and Duncan got to this point requires a little bit of history, and that…

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