The Importance Of Playing with Other Musicians

There are different kinds of “chops” one can have. Playing by yourself to a click or metronome with your DAW is worlds apart from actually having other musicians in the room and interacting with them. It’s almost but not quite an entirely different skill set. Not that the first set of skills don’t benefit the second: having solid home practice chops are nearly invaluable when playing with others as you’re better prepared walking in the door, but it takes learning – and retaining the ability – to take cues from one another and vibing as a group to become a fully well-rounded musician.

Gigging at the Edge of Reason, Episode 2

Gigging at the Edge of Reason is a series I started here on the Seymour Duncan Blog to share stories of gigs that have gone terribly awry for one reason or another. Performing live is an art all to itself. My hope is that by sharing these stories from time to time, we can all…

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