Andromeda Scores Premier Gear Award From Premier Guitar

“The Dynamic Expression’s reactive nature makes the delay feel more like an instrument.” That’s the verdict on the Andromeda Dynamic Delay from Premier Guitar’s Joe Charupakorn, who just honored the Andromeda with a Premier Gear award. You can read the full review here, but here are a few of our favorite comments: “There’s no shortage…

The Return Of The Ibanez Talman

A lot of players really love the Ibanez Talman line of electric guitars. And now it’s back!

Parallel Axis Trembucker: My Experiences

One of my Les Pauls was in need of new pickups, and I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I usually get PAF-style pickups and I occasionally go a bit hotter, but I decided to try the Seymour Duncan PATB-1 and PATB-2 pickups. I asked Seymour Duncan to change the magnets though. Instead of the Alnico 5 for the PATB-1 and the ceramic for the PATB-2, I chose Alnico 8 magnet bars for both.

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