Why Should I Replace My Pickups, Anyway?

The decision to replace pickups in your guitar is one only you can make. This article will attempt to describe some of the instances where it would make sense to replace these tone-producers.

How To Replace a Pickup’s Four-Conductor Lead

The four conductor lead found on most humbuckers is a very handy thing.  It enables us to get many tones from a single pickup (series, parallel, split, and more). If you want to make a wiring change, just cut the lead down a bit and wire up that pickup once more. But what do you…

The Gig Survival Kit

Success or failure at a gig often hinges on a single moment that tests you in some way. It could be a test of your gear, your chops, your energy level, your self-confidence, and at some gigs, your stomach. The best thing you can do to be ready for situations like this is to prepare in advance, and make sure you are ready for whatever a gig can throw at you.

Seymour Duncan helps Angus Young with his tone

Seymour Duncan helps Angus Young with his tone We’ve been working behind-the-scenes with Angus Young for the past year. His tech, Takumi Suetsugu, contacted Seymour Duncan about dialing in the sound of Angus’ road guitars. Takumi had already been to a few pickup builders before he came to us. He worked with Seymour, Evan and…

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