The Blues & Rock Player’s Guide to the ‘Rhythm’ Changes

By Dave Eichenberger If you have studied various forms of music, you most likely have figured out that most songs are a combination of several patterns arranged in a particular order. If you are a blues guitarist, you understand a basic blues I-IV-V progression. Playing a blues tune, you naturally hear how the chords change,…

Slap Bass Bassics – The Thumb

Simply put, the thumb in slap bass is the bass drum of the drummers kit. It provides that punch, it gives the rhythmic pulse that everything else is laid upon. It can be as simple or as complex as needed (please remember that comment, and repeat it to yourself a couple more times to let it sink in), but it needs to be solid to keep the beat moving. Anything else and you stand to lose the feel of the groove, which is priority number one as a bassist.

The Vintage Telecaster Set: My Story

I never liked Telecasters. I felt that the body shape was OK, but that the control plate and pickguard were a terrible concotion (but completely logical, considering Leo Fender’s philosophy regarding guitar manufacturing). The headstock was to me the most terrible of designs. Ever. It doesn’t really lend itself to be hanged on a wall hanger, it looks like some pieces melted off a Strat headstock, and the string trees are a neccesity but a horrible way to solve the break angle issue of a Tele.

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