Bass Strings: A Primer

To the beginner, a set of strings seems just like any old thing that can be thrown on your bass to make some awesome noise. As you get older and play out more, you start to notice some subtle differences in the various brands, and the different tonal options that are available to you with just a restringing. And then, you start to wonder about the difference between a roundwound and flatwound set of strings, and your mind is blown.

Cage Match Bass Edition: Rounds vs. Flats

There is never a more polarizing thread that comes up in bass forums than the one that starts with “what is better?” and ends with “Rounds or Flats?” In this article we’re going to talk about the differences between roundwound and flatwound strings, the pros and cons between the two and then offer up a couple suggestions where either of them would fit the bill nicely.

Slap Bass Bassics – Nailing That Tone

I think Randy Jackson said it best, when he said “Ha! Slapping, the ketchup of the bass world!” and it rings true. Walk into any music store and you will usually hear SOMEONE slapping away on a bass (and in full disclosure, sometimes that’s been this guy). It’s fun, relatively simple and while there are…

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