Tasty Tone: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Éclair

Like pretty much everyone reading this, I’m a guitarist and a Seymour Duncan fan. A while back, Seymour and I interacted on Facebook on his birthday and he had told me that MJ had made him a very special Eclair. To my knowledge I stupidly thought he was talking about a special pickup set rather than the tasty desert. I called MJ and asked her how the Eclairs sounded, and she immediately started laughing. So right then and there we started coming up with a pickup idea tailored to creating a new pickup for Seymour that would meet his tonal needs, and which also met mine.

The Tone of the Beast

I’m a huge fan of the Quarter Pound P Bass pickup. Ever since I got one for Christmas from my folks (along with a Hot Jazz bridge pickup; can we say “Coolest Parents EVER?”), the larger-than-life tone was part of my sound and what I equated as the pinnacle of bass tone. That is, until the SPB-4 Steve Harris signature pickup was unveiled over the summer.

Seymour Duncan 3rd Annual Notes For Notes Benefit

Being a company founded with the heart of musicians, we’ve always tried to give back whenever we could to support important causes. And one such cause near and dear to us is supporting kids’ music education. Three years ago we were approached by a local group called Notes For Notes that was doing some amazing…

Like Father, Like Son – Derek Duncan To Take Over Custom Shop

Like many engineers and machinists, Derek Duncan grew up with an intense curiosity for the mechanics of how things work… except Derek didn’t come from your average parents, but from the founders and owners of Seymour Duncan; Cathy Carter Duncan – the woman who has provided the vision to guide the business through 37 years…

Humbucker History: The SH-55 Seth Lover Model

The humbucker as we know it traces its history back to a design by Seth Lover, who invented it while working for Gibson in 1955. His Patent Applied For (P.A.F.) design has served as the launching pad for innumerable pickups in the nearly six decades since, and these days original examples of those early humbuckers change hands for some pretty impressive figures. But there’s an easier way to tap into that historical tonal mojo, and it’s currently catching the light as I type this and drawing my eye to my Gibson Les Paul: the Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover humbucker.

Charlie Christian: Guitar Hero and Pickup Name-Giver

The most unique pickup when it comes to name giving is perhaps, in my idea, the big single coil pickup that is now being linked to the unique and amazing Charlie Christian.

2nd Annual Seymour Duncan Benefit Concert

On August 30th, at 7pm, a large crowd gathered into the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara to enjoy good music & support music education for kids. Last year we decided to put on a benefit for Notes for Notes, a local group that empowers kids to explore making music to their hearts desire. They can…

Double back: Reverse Wind/Reverse Polarity Pickups

For decades, Strats were shipped with a three-way pickup selector switch. Your only pickup selection options were bridge, middle or neck. Enterprizing players figured out that they could achieve combinations of bridge plus middle or neck plus middle pickups by balancing the selector switch midway between the two.

Seymour Duncan Restores John Oates Original Fender Stratocaster

Seymour Duncan recently took on a project to restore John Oates (Hall & Oates) original Fender Stratocaster to all its ’80s glory. After taking detailed measurements, pictures, and studying old photos of the guitar, Seymour took to bringing the tone, look and feel back to where it was when John Oates was jamming out “Maneater”,…

Seymour Duncan Inducted into Vintage Guitar Hall of Fame

Prestigious music publication Vintage Guitar has announced that our co-founder, Seymour W. Duncan, will be the 2011 Hall of Fame inductee in the “Innovator” category. The results will be announced in the magazine’s March, 2012 issue. Seymour is joining the ranks of such industry pioneers as Leo Fender of Fender Musical Instruments, Orville Gibson of…

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