Friends of SD: Godin Guitars

Canada isn’t a country we normally associate with high-end guitars, although they should be. Godin have been making guitars in Quebec since the early 1970s, and have expanded to three factories in the region, as well as one in the northeastern US. Godin Guitars seems to be constantly coming up with new designs, from their retro Richmond…

Playing in Parallel: The ‘Major’ Modes

If you had checked out any of my previous articles about the modes, you are starting to hear the unique sounds they have. In most of the other articles I went through the modes of the C Major scale. Here, I take a different approach. Keeping C as our ‘root’, I divide the seven modes into major modes and minor modes. In other words, we take each mode, and compare it to the C Major scale. Some modes will sound better over minor chords and some with major chords. Don’t worry though, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. This article will compare the C Major scale with the modes that have an inherently major, or bright & happy sound.

The Seymour Duncan SH-11 Custom Custom

The Custom Custom (or CC) is my favorite bridge pickup. There, I said it. It’s beefier than a standard PAF style, yet not so huge in output that it tends to compress everything. This article will discuss the use and sound of the CC, as well as providing some soundclips solo and within a mix…

History of Seymour Duncan Products

For 37 years Seymour Duncan has been developing products to help musicians find their voice and get the most out of their instrument. We thought it would be fun to look back at when some of our more notable products came out.

How I Fixed My Warped Pickguard

While storing ‘loaded up’ pickguards, I noticed that one of them started bowing itself into a bowl shape. When I wanted to use it, there was no way it was going to fit on the guitar. Yes, I could have forced it, but putting slight pressure on the edges caused the middle to bubble up, so more drastic methods were needed.

Inductance: What It Is And Why It Matters

A pickup is nothing more but a large strand of copper wire, wrapped thousands of times around a holder (called the bobbin) forming a coil, and somewhere stuck to the coil you have a magnet. In some very simple designs the magnet itself can be the bobbin! The wires of a pickups are extremely thin – something like the thickness of hairs, maybe even thinner. But there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all,’ standard wire.

Breaking Down the Barriers: Picking Chords to Solo Over

Chords can be a lifetime study, and a lifetime isn’t long enough to learn them all. To make matters worse, there are seemingly endless ways to play the exact same chords on your guitar. Most guitarists use about 3% of what is out there, but with some basic theory knowledge we can understand how to use them in our music.

Clinic and master guitarist makes Noise on his new CD

“Knowing what to say and what to play is the easy part; the part you have to work on is your people skills. You’re going to be dealing with lots of different personalities in many different parts of the world so knowing how to get along with the rep you’re traveling with, the dealer you’re doing the clinic for (along with their employees) is sometimes the most challenging part of the clinic.”

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