The Best Guitar Neck Pickups (Humbucker Edition)

Seymour Duncan has a wide variety of neck pickups to help you find that perfect match. There are many things to consider when you’re looking for a a neck pickup. First up is the wood of the guitar – do you have a bright guitar like alder and want to warm and fatten it up, or do you have a warmer guitar and want to make take it out of the darkness and give it some crunch and bite?

Two Conductor Vs Four Conductor Cable Humbuckers

The original humbucking pickups designed by Seth Lover for Gibson in the 1950s were elegantly simple. By combining two pickup coils instead of simply using one (with pole piece magnets of one coil oriented in the opposite direction to the other), Lover’s design cancelled out the buzz and hum that plagued existing single coil designs, leaving in its place a fuller, rounder tone which changed the future of guitar.

Seymour W. Duncan’s Interview With Seth Lover

In June 1978, Seymour W. Duncan visited Seth E. Lover – inventor of the Gibson ‘Patent Applied For’ humbucking pickups – at his home in Garden Grove, California. Here is that discussion for your reading pleasure.

What Is The ‘Woman Tone’?

The world of guitardom has all sorts of cool descriptive words to characterise tone: The Brown Sound. Djent. Crunch. Chunk. Quack. Spank. Wah Wah. It’s all part of the unique vocabulary we share amongst ourselves. The Woman Tone isn’t quite as self-descriptive as the others though. Personified by Eric Clapton’s tone on various Cream Tracks such as “Sunshine Of Your Love,” it’s a harmonically rich, slightly muffled, honking, squonking tone.

What Is A Guitar Pickup?

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you play a guitar, and an electric guitar at that. Electric guitars use pickups as part of the recipe to create an amplified electric guitar tone, but what exactly is a pickup, and how does it help us “pick up” the sound of a guitar?

Is There A “Pop Sound”?

Discussions about how to get “that” tone are usually centred around a particular genre. It’s easy to discuss rock, jazz, metal or country tones, because the genre itself carries an implication about a rough tonal ballpark. When we talk about rock, we immediately bring to mind various overdrive and distortion sounds. Jazz makes us think of that warm, articulate clean tone. Metal is all about crushing distortion, and country musicians can’t get enough twang.

Turning Your Pentatonics Into Blues

My earliest experience with playing blues guitar was being taught the Minor Pentatonic scale. I loved that damn scale: it allowed me to play those cool blues-based Chuck Berry licks. And it was always cool to be able to say “dig me as I play some sweet blues” at a jam with my then-fellow-13-year-olds (it happened once). But after a while, as I started to listen to more and more blues, something started to bug me.

LAG Guitars Roxanne Racing Guitar Series

LAG Guitars has recently come out with a new line of electric guitars based on hot-rodded vintage concepts in both aesthetics and tone. Built in France, the new Roxanne Racing line comes in two models, each of which is offered in a half dozen unique hot rod-inspired finishes.

The Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Model

The SH-55 Seth Lover model is Seymour Duncan’s tribute to the father of the humbucking pickup. Any guitar today that uses two coils in the same housing wired to get rid of the hum associated with single coil pickups owes a bit of thanks to the original pioneer of pickup design, Seth Lover.

What Is A Humbucker?

The humbucker pickup is a staple for so many guitar players around the world. But how does it actually work, and what is the history behind it? This article endeavors to give you a brief overview of all these things.

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