Appetite For Destruction: Seymour Duncan Pickups & Guns N’ Roses

How does Slash get that sweet warm sound? How does Duff McKagan get that booming clarity? Gilby Clarke’s tone? And for the newer fans, how does DJ Ashba get his Les Paul to sound like that?

The Pearly Gates: Pure Texan Tone

The Pearly Gates model is a recreation of a specific set of PAFs in a particular sunburst ’59 Les Paul Standard. Vintage PAFs generally spec out to be low-output by today’s standards, and the Pearly Gates is very slightly overwound compared to the typical PAF. The result is a humbucker that sounds slightly ruder than the average PAF, with strong sustain, noticeable warmth and a bright high end which really helps harmonics to sing.

Nile’s Karl Sanders On Metal Tone, Technique And The Gate Of Sethu

Nile’s latest album is At The Gate of Sethu [Nuclear Blast], an impressive slab of technical death metal loaded with ultra-precise riffs, eerie atmospherics and plenty of the band’s trademark lyrical focus, which finds much of its base in Ancient Egyptology.

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