My Favorite Pickups for Fender Stratocasters®

I was a humbucker-kinda guy for years. Sparkle, chime, glassiness and notched tones? Not my thing. I needed power, aggression, tightness, harmonics, articulation! But when I finally got a great Strat I understood the attraction. Personally I still can’t cope with the standard bridge pickup in a Strat. The way I use a Strat and…

My Favorite Low To Medium Output Hybrid Humbuckers

I love guitars. I love pickups. I love to tinker. So why not combine that? That must have been my thought when I started making my first hybrid pickup – that and the thrill of doing something that hadn’t been done before. I’m always looking for new dimensions in my tone and I believe the two hybrids I’ll describe in this article got me to the point where I believe I have very little need to tweak nowadays.

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