Quarter Pound Jazz and P-J Sets Now Available

The Quarter Pound bass pickups provide a sonically full voice with a hold on to your hats high-output punch. Each strike of the string provides a full low end bite with plenty of sustain. They’ve provided their unique punch for bass players from Blink 182, Alient Ant Farm, Rise Against, Bad Religion and Smashing Pumpkins….

Let There Be Bass!

A while back I started getting tired of asking to borrow friend’s basses to record demos with. I’m sure they got tired of me asking, too. It made sense, given the fact that I was recording more, that a bass would be a good investment to have around the house. I originally set out to…

Anberlin – Fully loaded with Duncan Pickups

Florida rockers Anberlin, known for songs like “Feel Good Drag” and “Impossible”are up to it again with the release of their fifth studio album entitled Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place.  And, they are hitting the road fully loaded with Duncan pickups.  All three guitar players of Anberlin rely on Seymour Duncan for…

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