The Mysterious Disappearing Les Paul of the 1960s

The Gibson Les Paul remains one of the top selling guitars of all time. It attracts young and old alike, and whether it’s early Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, or relative newcomers like Slash, the Les Paul seems to transfer mojo from deep within the Mahogany itself directly into the player. However, in the 1960s not all was rosy in Les Paul-land. This article is not about one particular guitar, but an entire line that, for a time in the 1960s, was not the iconic instrument it is now. What happened to the mighty Les Paul some 50 years ago? And how did it come back?

iGuitar Issue 11 Featuring Slash – Out Now

Issue 11 of interactive online magazine iGuitar is out now and it features a whole lot of info on Seymour Duncan artist (and birthday boy) Slash: an interview, a style analysis, a tone breakdown, and reviews of several signature Slash gear items including the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Slash APH-2 humbuckers.

The Dropkick Murphy’s Duncanize

Photo above: Guitarist Tim Brennan The Dropkick Murphy’s dropkick Duncan’s into their guitars with help from tech extraordinaire …..drum roll please….. Grizz Middleton! It’s Saint Patrick day every day when you’re with the Dropkick Murphy’s. A rare blend of Irish-American Celtic Punk, these guys keep the heavy guitar tones, accordions, and banjos true to their…

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