What Is Coil Tapping?

Coil splitting is the practice of shutting off (or otherwise fading out) one coil of a humbucker, leaving behind a single coil for a brighter tone. Coil splitting is often confused with coil tapping, in much the same way that the terms ‘vibrato bar’ and ‘tremolo bar’ are considered interchangeable even though only one is technically correct. So what is coil tapping, and how is it different to coil splitting?

Turning Your Budget Guitar Find Into An Every Day Player

A simple swap of pickups can resurrect even the most boring of guitars. If you’ve picked up an old super Strat style guitar with an HSS pickup configuration and you know you’re going to be using it for some heavy metal riffs, consider some of the high output pickups available.

What Is A Guitar Pickup?

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you play a guitar, and an electric guitar at that. Electric guitars use pickups as part of the recipe to create an amplified electric guitar tone, but what exactly is a pickup, and how does it help us “pick up” the sound of a guitar?

Rollin’ Fat And Heavy With The Quarter Pound Flat

With its full resistance resistance of 13.3K, 1/4″ Alnico 5 pole-pieces and an EQ curve of 5 (bass) – 4 (middle) – 6 (treble), the Quarter Pound a scorching hot single coil. The Quarter Pound is available with the option of an extra wire which allows you to tap the pickup to roughly half its output, making it sound a little more like a vintage single coil.

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