My Favorite Pickups for Fender Stratocasters®

I was a humbucker-kinda guy for years. Sparkle, chime, glassiness and notched tones? Not my thing. I needed power, aggression, tightness, harmonics, articulation! But when I finally got a great Strat I understood the attraction. Personally I still can’t cope with the standard bridge pickup in a Strat. The way I use a Strat and my amps (I only use single channel amps, set up with […] Continue Reading

How Do Humbuckers & P90s Differ?

The humbucker, with its single bar magnet under the coils, is generally less gritty, crunchy, raunchy or dirty than the P90. Let’s compare a few ‘vintage’ styled pickups Seymour Duncan has to offer. Continue Reading

In Defense of Small, Low-Wattage Amps

After reading Adam Gotch’s excellent case for using 100 watt amps at gigs big and small, I am compelled to come up with a counter-argument. There is simply no sonic reason outside of tight, riff-based metal to use a stack these days. Even then, I’d argue that there are probably plenty of instances a well-defined metal tone can be had that is quieter, in a smaller […] Continue Reading

The Acoustic Tube SA-1 Soundhole Pickup

    We all know the story: you have a gorgeous-sounding acoustic guitar and you need to perform with it onstage, but you don’t want to deal with the ‘quack factor’ of under-saddle piezo pickups, nor do you wish to be anchored to a mic or two. And you don’t want to perform an irreversible or otherwise destructive mod on your prized guitar. Continue Reading

Ted Bowne

  Seymour Duncan Artists and Their Pickups Ted Bowne “All I’ve really played for the last five years of my career is Seymour Duncan pickups. It’s all I know.  I can’t stray from what I know is a good and true sound every time.” Ted Bowne, guitarist from Passafire, plays P-90 Stack (both neck and bridge) Continue Reading