Active Or Passive Bass Pickups: Which Is For You?

When the electric bass as we know it was first invented by Leo Fender and co, there was no such thing as ‘active and passive’ bass electronics; there was just ‘what was there.’ If you wanted to fine-tune your sound on a single-pickup Precision Bass, you had a passive tone control whose job was to reduce the…

The STC-3SB Steve Bailey Fretless Tone Circuit

Fretless bass is a strange beast. Sure, it looks like a regular bass guitar, but requires a different skill set. Additionally, the electronics in the fretless bass need to be tweaked to the specific frequencies of the fretless bass as well. Leave it to Seymour Duncan to team up with fretless royalty, Steve Bailey, for the STC-3SB fretless active preamp.

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