Cage Match: Single Coils vs. Humbuckers

Or…my journey from single coils to humbuckers and back…. For the most part, choosing a type of replacement pickup is based on whatever already comes in your guitar. When exploring the differences between guitar types, it somehow always gets distilled down into 2 categories: Guitars with single coils and guitars with humbuckers. This article will…

Playing in Parallel: The ‘Minor’ Modes

We’ve already looked at the modes of the C major scale, and we’ve also looked at the modes that have that happy, major sound. Now we turn our attention to modes that have a minor third – that is, the third note of the mode itself is 1 1/2 steps from the root.

How I Chose the Parts to Build My Dream Guitar

After reading Jay Hale’s excellent article about building a guitar from parts, I decided that it was time for me to take the plunge too. I’ve admired the necks and bodies from Warmoth Custom Guitar and Bass Parts for well over 20 years, yet never tried to build one myself. I wanted to build something different…

Stack Plus Pickups – Single Coil Tone Without the Hum

When noiseless single-coil pickups are discussed, it won’t be long before someone says that they can never sound exactly like a real single coil. The fact that they’re humbuckers at the core means that some of that high-end sparkle disappears. There are some things to remember at this point.

The Re-Ampinator: aka “D.I. Baby D.I.”

Lately I’ve become a huge fan of recording DI (direct-injection) guitar tracks in Pro Tools 10. This is done by plugging directly into the recording interface (in my case an Mbox II), and allows the ability to change amp emulations on the fly once you’ve recorded a performance you’re satisfied with – allowing insane amounts of tonal flexibility.

Voices of Metal – Brandon Ellis

In our continuing search for brutal heavy tone and the tools used to create it, we came upon Brandon Ellis, who has toured with Arsis and Sylosis and has the unique ability to learn songs incredibly fast. We took one look at this video and said “yes, we need this guy.” Check it out! You…

Splitting Three Pickups For Strat

For those of you who are going with a full set of stacks or Lil’ sized humbuckers and would like to still be able to get single-coil sounds – or at least keep that classic Strat ‘quack’ in positions 2 and 4 on your switch – this is an easy way to split all three pickups with only one standard dpdt push/pull pot.

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