Pickup Polarity and Phase Made Simple

If you have only one pickup in your guitar, feel free to ignore this article and live your life in blissful ignorance, unhampered by phase and polarity issues. Everyone else, pay attention! This is important stuff, and it might save your sanity some day, or at least your tone.

Guitar Bridges: The What And The Why

Guitars are stringed instruments, and as with all instruments that utilize strings, there has to be a fixing point for them. These points are called bridges and they come in several forms and shapes. Generally speaking, there are two major types of bridges: fixed bridges and moving bridges (the latter generally but erroneously called tremolos). Let’s take a look at the different types of bridges and what kind of unique feature they have.

Guitar Pickups For Blues

There’s nothing quite like playing the blues. Every note, phrase and hint of vibrato rings out soul. And there’s nothing like seeing a good blues guitarist in concert like BB King, Robert Cray, Gary Clark. Jr, Joe Bonamassa – the list goes on and on. Most blues players use vintage-style pickups or vintage-style with-a-bit-of-edge for hotter blues….

The Anatomy Of Single Coil Pickups

We discussed the anatomy of humbuckers in a general sense a while back, and because there are so many varieties of single coil pickups, we thought it was time we should take a look at single coil designs too. Let’s have a look at the internal structure of the single coil in general as well as the various main…

“Locking” Up A Floating Bridge

Floating bridges are great. You can make all sorts of weird and wacky noises diving and raising the whammy bar. From simple pitch variations to harmonic squeals, car engines revving and fluttering noises, floating bridges provide hours of fun.

The Zephyr Silver Pickups

Zephyr came from a challenge issued to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller to come up with a pickup that wasn’t constrained by the usual consideration of costs or materials – just dream it, design it and build it.

What is ‘Strat Quack’, Anyway?

You’ve heard the term before: ‘Strat Quack.’ Judging by the name you’d think it’s a sound you won’t get from your stock Les Paul or shredstick, and you would be right. While those guitars have their own unique sound, there’s a reason many players pick the Strat time and time again. This article will try…

Friends of SD: Warmoth Custom Guitar & Bass Parts

The Friends of SD series will showcase builders and manufacturers that are either authorized resellers of Seymour Duncan products, or who use Seymour Duncan pickups in their instruments.  If you are a guitarist or bassist that has ever dreamed of building your own instrument out of parts, chances are you have spent countless hours looking at the beautiful woods…

Cage Match: Tradition vs. Technology

We guitarists always seem to be at a crossroads. On one hand there are the iconic guitars and amps made famous by a handful of American and British companies that are still used by guitarists over a half century later, and on the other hand there are new companies with new technologies that constantly push…

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