You Want Meaty? The Duncan Custom

Imagine the best PAF sound you could think of, juiced up and in the midst of a meltdown (and I mean this in the best possible sense of the term): more powerful and aggressive, with an added vibe of wild unpredictability – it might go nuts on you, but you’re pretty sure you’d like it -and you have the mighty Seymour Duncan Custom.

Rising Dutch Guitar Slinger Timo Somers

Timo Somers, born in 1991, started playing when he hit the tender age of 12. His father put a guitar in his hands; who could have imagined he’d build himself such an already impressive career? As a guitarist of the Dutch progressive metal bands Delain, Tri-head and Vengeance, not including his many side projects, Timo is an extremely busy and productive player.

The Duncan Custom – Pumped Up and Pushed to 11

I want my bridge pickup to be able to cut through the mix. It needs to really crunch, have a percussive quality when playing muted parts, and have a fast response. The other thing is that I need the pickup to not be too hot, it needs to retain some organic qualities. I mostly aim for bridge pickups that are in the ball-park of medium to high output, where there is enough on tap to get some really heavy tones, but not so much that you lose that “woody” sound.

Voices of Metal – Simon Johansson of BibleBlack

In this week’s edition of Voices of Metal we turn to Simon Johannson who plays alongside Mike Wead in the Swedish band BibleBlack. You have a pretty long history in the Swedish death metal scene, including playing in Abstrakt Algebra and Memory Garden, how do you believe the metal scene has changed in the last several…

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