Talking Tone With Novembers Doom’s Larry Roberts

Chicago death/doom pioneers Novembers Doom have been at it for over two decades now, and they’ve seen many imitators come and go. And yet in all that time they’ve never been content to merely sit back and enjoy their status as co-authors of the genre; as new album Bled White will demonstrate, they continue to push forward into new territory while retaining their essential brutality and atmosphere. We caught up with guitarist Larry Roberts on the eve of the band’s European tour and the release of the album to talk doom.

Five Questions With Jerry Donahue

Jerry Donahue has had quite the career. Playing with folk rock bands such as Fotheringay and Fairport Convention, and working with artists like Robert Plant, Joan Armatrading, The Proclaimers, Elton John, George Harrison, Hank Marvin, Cliff Richard, and Roy Orbison just to name a few. Add The Hellecasters to the mix and you’ve got one very impressive catalog of work. His preference of the Telecaster shape, and his mastery of string bends has helped give him the title “Bendmaster of the Telecaster.”

Five Questions with Chris Shiflett

Chris Shiflett has had quite the music career. From California punkers No Use For A Name to punk rock super-group Me First and the Gimme Gimmes to hitting the big time as a member of the Foo Fighters and now experimenting with country music as Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants, Chris has not been afraid to branch out in different musical directions.

Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne’s Custom Tele

When Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne wanted a Tele that could get humbucker and single-coil sounds he went with Old School Guitar Repair Restoration and Lutherie, a company that literally works from an old school.

A Telecaster For A Les Paul Guy

When the Broadcaster was launched in 1946, I don’t think Leo Fender could have imagined such a bright future for his guitar. After several incarnations, declines in popularity and rises to fame, the Telecaster is almost 70 years old, yet it shows no metaphysical signs of aging!

The Bill Mumy Interview

There’s a lot of ways from which you may know of the name Bill Mumy. Perhaps from Babylon 5 if you’re a child of the 90s, or more likely from his iconic role as Will Robinson on Lost In Space if you’re older, or a fan of vintage sci-fi TV dramas. Or maybe from his…

Tele Bridge Pickup Options

If you’ve got a Telecaster that you love the feel of but you’re not totally happy with the lead pickup sound, there are lots of options. In this article I’ll take you through some of them, and let you hear what a few of them would sound like too. I’m going to assume that your Tele is a “normal” one – as in, it has the big metal bridge plate with a single coil pickup in it. Where can we go from there?

The Vintage Telecaster Set: My Story

I never liked Telecasters. I felt that the body shape was OK, but that the control plate and pickguard were a terrible concotion (but completely logical, considering Leo Fender’s philosophy regarding guitar manufacturing). The headstock was to me the most terrible of designs. Ever. It doesn’t really lend itself to be hanged on a wall hanger, it looks like some pieces melted off a Strat headstock, and the string trees are a neccesity but a horrible way to solve the break angle issue of a Tele.

Telecaster Build Blog Part 3. From Parts To Guitar

Earlier, I showed you the steps I took to turn some parts into a guitar. I drilled the holes in the neck so the neck and body can be attached. I also installed the tuners. Just a recap: this Tele has a medium weight hard ash body and a thick single piece maple neck with 21 frets.

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