From The Custom Shop EP 2: Find Your Tone

In this episode of From The Custom Shop, we talk Charlie Christian pickups, The BIG Pickup, take questions about splicing wires, the uniqueness of P.A.F’s and several questions on good recommendations for Telecaster tone.

British guitarist Paul Rose to hit the US in 2012

Paul Rose, born in Newcastle, England in July 1966, is without doubt one of the most unique and talented guitarists in the world today. Fundamentally a rock guitarist, his extraordinary playing style touches on blues, country, jazz and folk, blended together into a style that is entirely his own. Never a gig goes by where…

The “Joe Wilson” Wiring for Telecaster

This wiring was designed for one of our sales reps in the Southeast, Joe Wilson, who wanted to add some extra versatility to his Tele®, while retaining the stock look. For this scheme, we use our “tapped” Hot Lead (STL-2T) and a Vintage Rhythm (STR-1) pickups.

Saddle Up Your Telecaster – By Jerry Donahue

We asked “Bendmaster of the Telecaster” Jerry Donahue to share some of his secrets for setting up a Telecaster® bridge and keeping it properly intonated.

Getting The Right Sound For Tele® Middle Position

There comes a time in every Tele® player’s life when you try to find the right sound for the middle position on your three way switch. One of the questions asked is: How do I change the sound of the middle position without changing the sound of the other two?

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