Cage Match: Locking vs. Traditional Tuners

Guitarists spend endlessly debating about guitar bridges: which Floyd is better, Kahler vs. Floyd, Floyd vs. Strat, trem vs. stoptail. There might not be as much paid attention to the other end of the guitar. The headstock is the first place many guitarists look when they see another guitarist playing, and the shape is the highly-protected trademark of most guitar companies. The headstock contains one of the most important parts of the guitar: the tuners. Because no one will notice how much you paid for that RockStar LesOCaster with the perfect flames (and skull inlays, dude) if you aren’t staying in tune. This article will explain some of the differences between traditional tuners and the benefits of choosing one over the other.

Cage Match Bass Edition: Traditional vs. Balanced Tension

Oh man, if there’s one phrase that’s quickly become the “buzz” on forums over the past year or so, it’s ‘balanced-tension string sets.’ And there are people on both sides of the camp; those that say that balanced tension has revolutionized their playing, and others that say that the packaged set at the local music…

Charlie Christian: Guitar Hero and Pickup Name-Giver

The most unique pickup when it comes to name giving is perhaps, in my idea, the big single coil pickup that is now being linked to the unique and amazing Charlie Christian.

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