Guitar Anatomy (Parts of an Electric Guitar)

There are so many little parts on an electric guitar that when you’re a beginner it can be a daunting task to figure out what each part is for! It never hurts to take a closer look at anything, so why not dive into the anatomy of an electric guitar?

App Attack: My Favorite Guitar iOS Apps

It is a great time to be a musician. We have so many tools at our disposal, from thousands of wonderful inexpensive guitars to amazing technology that fits right in our pocket. This article will mentions some of my favorite iOS apps. Now I haven’t tried all guitar apps out there, but these are the…

Essential Items No Guitarist Should Leave Home Without

Ever been to a club with a live band, and halfway through the first set something breaks down on the guitarist or bass player’s rig – sometimes something as simple as a string breaking – sends the player into a tailspin?

Tele Build Blog, Part 2: Prepping the Headstock for Tuners

Last time I installed the neck of my Telecaster project, but no single piece of hardware was attached. The time has come to take a crack at the tuners. It’s in my opinion that the best way to install the tuners as the first piece of hardware. That way you can loosely fix some (old) strings to the bridge and move it around to get the best spacing possible.

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