Joe Bonamassa: The Collection

Chances are you already spend so much money on guitars and gear that each time the credit card bill comes you have to snatch it before your wife sees that new guitar you bought or finds that 5150 you just couldn’t pass up on Craigslist. If this is you, then you have something in common with Joe Bonamassa.

Antiquity & Antiquity II: What’s The Difference?

Pickups are always evolving. That’s why you’ll find models like the Seth Lover and the Sentient, the SSL-1 and the Hot Stack for Strat, the P90 and the P-Rails. It’s always been this way, going right back to the dawn of the electric guitar. So how does this relate to the Antiquity series of vintage…

Vintage Humbucker Stories

Every pickup we make tells a story, and our line of vintage pickups is particularly stocked with interesting tales. We asked our sales manager, Alex Semple, to share the stories behind some of our most popular vintage-style models. 

Cage Match: Vintage Output vs Hot Single Coils

I read online forums a lot and I always have to laugh to myself when I read that someone wants a chime-filled single coil sound from their hot humbucker, or when someone wonders why their Les Paul sounds nothing like their Strat. True, I didn’t know these answers when I first started, and there were no…

Flatwound Roundtable

If you’ve read my original bass string primer, you’ll know that there are many different tonal characteristics to be found in the roundwound string realm.

The Vintage Charvel Overhaul Project

Once people learn I build my own guitars, they usually ask what I’d do to trick out their guitar. It’s always fun to talk shop and make suggestions. But recently my best friend Darren from high school offered me his prized early 80s San Dimas pointy-head Strat. Only the second pointy headstock Charvel to make it…

Some Hero Worship: Brian May

I doubt there’s a guitarist in this world who doesn’t owe Brian May a debt of gratitude in one form of another.

SD Mini-Humbuckers and the Hofner Beatle Bass

The Hofner Violin Bass is an icon in and of itself, due to one particular musician that happened to do pretty well in the 60s. It’s also an interesting instrument, because while it is classified as a short scale (30″) instrument, it actually requires a set of strings that would be classified as medium scale…

Dictionary of Tone Terms

When describing tone, many guitar players use a myriad of terms to describe the sonic qualities they perceive  I want to take a closer look at some of those terms and try to explain what they mean. It is worth mentioning that most terms relate to ‘feel’; the feel a pickup gives you is crucial…

Tinkering with Pickups 103 – The “Vintage” Modification

In Tinkering with Pickups 102 we looked at swapping magnets in humbuckers to change some of the tonal characteristics of a pickup. In this entry we are going to look at what I’ll call a “vintage” modification for humbucker pickups. As per the warning the previous entry, the following modification also carries some risk of damage to your pickup if you are not careful.

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