5 Vibratos Every Guitarist Wants

The vibrato is one of the most used and sought-after techniques in music. From a theoretical standpoint, vibrato is “a rapid, slight variation in pitch producing a stronger or richer tone”. As many guitar-toting tone-seekers will agree, the right vibrato can make the difference between a good guitarist and a legendary one. Many of us…

Feed Your Frankenstein: Ten Halloween Sounds You Can Make With Your Guitar

Have you ever wondered how they make all of those cool sound effects in your favorite thrillers? On those backlot tours I learned that there are entire crews of people dedicated to that very purpose for every horror film that is made. The cool part? You can use your guitar to make some of the very same sounds you’re used to hearing during your favorite horror movies.

Voices of Metal Guy Marchais of Suffocation

Last week in our continuing search for brutal tone, we talked with Suffocation’s bass player Derek Boyer. In this weeks edition, we turn to Guy Marchais, the brutally fast guitarist for Suffocation. How did you get started playing guitar? “I started playing guitar when I was 16, so about 27 years ago. I was always…

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