My Favorite Archive Releases of 2014

People here at Seymour Duncan are not just obsessive about tone, but also about music itself. After all, you have to love music to be able to make tools to make it. But the good thing is that everyone’s tastes are different.

Fanfare for the Schizoid Men: 6 Great Tones in Prog

Ahh, progressive rock. Never has there been a movement in contemporary music that was probably more hated by critics, real punks, and hipsters. My guess is that either they didn’t quite understand it, or were threatened by it, but progressive rock (and we are talking vintage here) influenced bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and every progressive metal band around today.

Circa Guitarist Johnny Bruhns Chooses Seymour Duncan to Expand his Tonal Palette

Virtuoso guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Johnny Bruhns began his musical education growing up in his native Philadelphia. His mother Catherine, a director of choirs and musicals, imparted her knowledge of vocal technique and music theory to him. Johnny also gains his instrumental prowess from his father’s side of the family as a descendant of classical composer,…

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