My Favorite Pickups for Fender Stratocasters®

I was a humbucker-kinda guy for years. Sparkle, chime, glassiness and notched tones? Not my thing. I needed power, aggression, tightness, harmonics, articulation! But when I finally got a great Strat I understood the attraction. Personally I still can’t cope with the standard bridge pickup in a Strat. The way I use a Strat and…

No Tone? Know Tone! Brushing the Dust Off

Let’s face it. Most guitarists never touch the tone knob. It is one of those superfluous things like ‘input 2’ on the amp and position 4 on the Gain knob, right? It isn’t so, Joe (or Jane)! This article will help to explain the tone knob and the use of it (and non-use) throughout the…

How Easy Is It To Install A Loaded Pickguard?

So you’ve got a Strat, and you want to upgrade the pickups and electronics, but hate the idea of having to solder all of the connections? The Seymour Duncan Loaded Pickguards for Strat® are exactly what you need. With the Liberator solderless pots installed on most models, the Loaded Pickguards make changing your pickups and electronics a breeze.

The YJM High-Speed Volume Pot

You may wonder what the big deal is about a re-engineered volume pot. It is one of those things many guitarists leave up on 10 all the time, right? Some don’t even ever adjust it, getting dynamics solely from pedals, amp or fingers. For those who had grown up playing Strats, we know the volume pot is in the perfect place to wrap your pink around. We can pick the note with the volume down, then turn the volume up with the pinky. Now, part of the reason we recognize the sound as an electric guitar has to do with the initial attack of a pick hitting the strings. The hard-surface (pick) to hard-surface (string) sound tells us what we are listening to.

Get Ready for Yngwie's Relentless Tour

You don’t need to see the last name. Just the mere mention of “Yngwie” brings immediate thoughts of high-octane shred to the minds of guitarists around the world. Working directly with Seymour Duncan and our team of custom pickup designers, Yngwie meticulously refined prototype after prototype of pickups before arriving at the perfect setup for…

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