Effects Basics: The Volume Control

This article will explain exactly what these knobs do (duh!) and how you can use them to fool your audience into thinking that they are listening to a cello, steel guitar, or keyboard. Once you get to know these knobs well, it may even affect future guitar purchases!

Little Known Areas of the Seymour Duncan Website

We all know that most people end up on the Seymour Duncan website because they are looking for the best tone possible out of their guitar or bass. But there are many areas of the SD website you may not know about. This article will mention some of the lesser-known areas of the site, and…

Yngwie Hits The Road And The Bookshelves

Yngwie J Malmsteen never slows down – certainly not on guitar, and definitely not in his work ethic. Yngwie is on the road right now promoting his new album Spellbound (which features some of the most extreme neoclassical guitar magic of his career), and he’s also just released his autobiography, Relentless – A Memoir.

Getting the most out of your guitar’s controls while playing

One of the things that sets a great guitarist apart from a good one is their seeming second-nature ability use the volume and tone controls on their guitar to impart more dynamics and subtlety into their playing. and in a band context, contribute to the overall band vibe and dynamic.  It’s not always the best…

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