No Tone? Know Tone! Brushing the Dust Off

Let’s face it. Most guitarists never touch the tone knob. It is one of those superfluous things like ‘input 2’ on the amp and position 4 on the Gain knob, right? It isn’t so, Joe (or Jane)! This article will help to explain the tone knob and the use of it (and non-use) throughout the…

How Easy Is It To Install A Loaded Pickguard?

So you’ve got a Strat, and you want to upgrade the pickups and electronics, but hate the idea of having to solder all of the connections? The Seymour Duncan Loaded Pickguards for Strat® are exactly what you need. With the Liberator solderless pots installed on most models, the Loaded Pickguards make changing your pickups and electronics a breeze.

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