Yngwie Hits The Road And The Bookshelves

Yngwie J Malmsteen never slows down – certainly not on guitar, and definitely not in his work ethic. Yngwie is on the road right now promoting his new album Spellbound (which features some of the most extreme neoclassical guitar magic of his career), and he’s also just released his autobiography, Relentless – A Memoir.

Unleashing the Fury In Prewired Form

Yngwie Malmsteen is best known for introducing to the world his own brand of neoclassical shred. Many imitators followed, but Yngwie is still unleashing the fury around the world. His tone is built on an alder Stratocaster with scalloped maple fretboard, vintage six-screw bridge, brass nut, and of course his signature YJM Fury pickups. I…

Guitarist/Radio Host, Jason Saulnier on YJM Fury pickups

Jason Saulnier is a Canadian-based contributor to Music Legends interview magazine and Guitar International magazine. About the new Yngwie Malmsteen signature pickups he says, “Seymour Duncan YJM Fury STK-S10 pickups give me all the sustain and power needed to play at fast speeds and still be able to identify the notes being played.“ Jason’s radio show…

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