1. Built for You

    The customers dream it and I make it. I love every time it happens. Making new pickups is a great sensation.

  2. Pay it Forward

    I love to "pay it forward" and spend time with my familia. I love cooking, making tamales, sharing family pictures, watching my daughter dancing in Fiesta, dancing myself, singing, teaching Sunday School, traveling, and collecting my glasses.

  3. I Love What I Do

    I have worked with Eddie VH, Billy Gibbons, Steve Miller, David Gilmour, Peter Frampton, Los Lobos, Slash, Angus and on. At the same time, I work with young Johnny from just down the street. God says to treat everyone with respect because we are all humans.

  4. Custom Shop

    I am the Manager of the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. God sent me to the most wonderful place on Earth, and no, it is not Disneyland, but it's a place I call home. It is the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, where I am La Maestra. It's a place where I laugh, cry, dream, and make tone.

  5. Heart and Soul

    I have learned so much from Seymour Duncan's people, not only tone, but treasuring every word of wisdom. We are the heart and soul of your guitars. You take a little piece of my Heart with every one.

  6. Born to Help

    I was born to help others, and Seymour Duncan is a great place to do that. We are big on history and save all of your pickup specs so, in 20-30 years if you're ready to reorder, we can do it!