1. Collector

    I am a collector of things I admire. I like the smell and feel of old leather baseball gloves, the design and workmanship that goes into them, the years of playing that you can feel. Old Fireman helmets, Military patches, look at that detail stitching…and my favorite, arrowheads. I still have some of the first ones I found when I was young in New Jersey.

  2. Guitar Talk

    Being around Jeff, we can talk about guitars all day! Each one is personable and memorable. The lives they have led!

  3. My Tele-Gib

    This is my builder's proof of the limited edition of 35 "Tele-Gibs" we made in 2011. I built 2 others decades earlier, from pawnshop finds. I gave Jeff Beck one (used on Cause We've Ended as Lovers) and kept the other. My 35th anniversary guitar is modeled on that one.

  4. For the Love of Guitars

    I always did, and always will, tinker with guitars. There is always a new ‘pawn shop’ special. It’s too much fun not to!

  5. The Pickle Jar

    You can barely see the humbucker that Billy Gibbons and I put in here in May 1978. We wanted to know how long a pickup could be in water and still work. At least 3 years is the answer. Then we put it back in. It’s too messy to pull out now.

  6. Albums

    I grew up listening to guitar players from Chet Atkins, Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, James Burton, and Gerry McGee. We didn’t have many albums, but I memorized them all.