Cathy Duncan began this company with a few simple, universal
beliefs. Like equality, community, and integrity. Those ideals drive
everything we do. And how we do them.

That integrity is the foundation of quality.
And soul is a key component of any well-made product.

That a job well done pays far more than a salary.
The rewards are dignity, pride, and a sense of purpose.

That quality is contagious. But so is mediocrity.
And so we surround ourselves with those who consistently
strive to be better tomorrow than they are today.

That none of us know everything.
We are all perpetually students,
and we must all study the lessons
we are continually taught.

That it is courageous to listen.

Everyone’s voice—no matter how loud or soft,

deserves to be heard.

And we believe in the power of music.

To elevate, to empower, to educate, and to unite.

These are the values
of OUR company. Always.

These are the ideals
we work with. Together.

These are the things that
drive this company. Forward.