The Duncan Designed line of pickups was started in 1995 at the request of several of our larger original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) customers who wanted to offer a pickup tied in to the Duncan identity on their mid-level instruments. While USA-made Seymour Duncan and Basslines pickups are intended to fit on instruments with list prices over US$800, the Korean-built Duncan Designed pickups are intended for OEM use on guitars and basses with retail prices between US$300 and $800. The Duncan Designed club members include Squier, Jackson, ESP LTD, Schecter Diamond Series, Daisy Rock, Hamer, Aria Pro II and Samick’s Greg Bennett series.

There are currently several humbuckers available in the Duncan Designed range, each of which is neck or bridge position-calibrated and was modeled after a USA-built model.


fg101nbCaptures the big, brash sound of the great rockabilly hollow-body guitars with a touch of “snarl” thrown in. 


geq1Originally developed for a Jackson model over a decade ago, the GEQ-1 Firestorm™ is a 20dB gain boost circuit for solidbody electric guitars. It takes a standard-looking axe and, with the flick of an innocent looking mini-toggle switch, turns it into a weapon of mass destruction capable of driving your amp harder for solos or thick rhythms, and giving you extra sustain and power.

BEQ-2 & 3 

beq2For bass, thre are two circuits, the BEQ-2 two-band and the BEQ-3 three-band. In addition, there are numerous offerings for bass in standard Jazz Bass®, P-Bass®, soapbar and Music Man® bass formats.


hb101bThe HB-101 was patterned after the Seymour Duncan SH-1 ’59 Model™ humbucker set. It uses an Alnico 5 magnet and winding spec based on the revered 1955 – 1960 Gibson P.A.F humbucker. It’s an all-rounder capable of dishing out vintage-style tone or keeping up with high gain without sacrificing clarity.


hb101bThe HB-102 was modeled after Seymour’s favorite humbucker combination, the USA-made SH-4 JB™ bridge and SH-2n Jazz Model™ neck set. Like the HB-101s, these pickups also use Alnico 5 magnets, but have a hotter winding spec, based on the world’s most popular “hot-rodded” humbucker. The bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced.


hb101bThe HB-103 was patterned after the SH-6 Duncan Distortion™ set. It uses ceramic magnets and powerful coil windings to deliver a high output tone with lots of crunch and harmonics. The bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced.


hb101bThe HB-103 was patterned after the SH-6 Duncan Distortion™ set. It uses ceramic magnets and powerful coil windings to deliver a high output tone with lots of crunch and harmonics. The bridge pickup is Trembucker-spaced.


hb104The HB-104 is a high-output blade humbucker that’s based on a design we created for England’s Patrick Eggle Guitars. The guitar was short-lived, but the pickup lives on in some recent guitar designs from Schecter and Jackson.


hb105The Duncan Designed version of the super-popular Seymour Duncan Blackouts active humbucker.


hb108The HB-108 is called the Detonator™ and is based on the high-output, Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader.


hb112Similar to the Seymour Duncan Screamin’ Demon, but with more bite and more screams!


hb107The HB-7 is a seven-string version of the HB-102 set.


hr101nThe HR-101 is based on the popular Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails™, but with increased output.



jb101bAuthentic alnico pole pieces and moderate windings give this pickup for Jazz Bass a vintage tone.


jb102bThe ceramic magnet gives this pickup a punchy low-end with great dynamics and lots of output.


ls101The LS-101 is a Lipstick Tube design pickup designed for clarity and definition, and is great in Strat-style guitars.


mh102This mini-humbucker has more brightness than a full-size humbucker, but more fatness than a single coil.

Mustang Bass

mstgbassJust like the original Mustang Bass pickups, and great with shorter-scale instruments. Perfect for indie and alternative styles.


p92nThe P90-1 is a stacked-coil P-90 that offers series, parallel and out-of-phase switching capabilities.


pb101A vintage pickup for P-Bass, the PB-101 uses sand cast Alnico 5 rod pole pieces.


pb105This loud rock ‘n roll pickup is modelled after the popular Basslines SPB-3 Quarter-Pound.


sb101Soapbar-style bass pickup for a modern sound.


sb102A modern sound with enhanced dynamic range.


sc101bThe SC-101 single coils represent a tonal cross between Seymour Duncan’s SSL-2 Vintage Flat and SSL-6 Custom Flat models. Unlike many inexpensive single coils that have a large ceramic magnet glued underneath non-magnetic steel slugs, the SC-101s use real Alnico V rod pole pieces with a flat magnet stagger for exceptional string balance. The three single coil models are each specially calibrated to either bridge, middle or neck positions, with the middle pickup reverse wound, reverse polarity. The tone is chimey and bright with exceptional “quack” in the notch positions.


sc7nHotter than vintage, this 7-string single coil is great for rock.


te101bThis vintage single coil goes from chickin’ pickin’ to heavy blues.


te103Using our Stack technology, you get great vintage tones but no 60-cycle hum.


Jazz Bass and P-Bass are registered trademarks of FMIC. Patrick Eggle is a trademark of Patrick Eggle Guitars, UK. Music Man is a registered trademark of Ernie Ball. Seymour Duncan is not affiliated with these companies.