Labels built before 2002

We often get this question. There are one or two distinguishing characteristics for our pickups, along with an identifying label underneath. Check out the list below and see if any of these match the description of your pickup. Continue Reading

Why does my single-coil-sized humbucker (rails or Classic Stack Plus) pickup have a circuit board on the bottom? Does that mean it’s an active pickup?

No. It’s correct that some of our single-coil-sized humbuckers (JB Jr., Little ’59, Li’l Screamin’ Demon, Duckbuckers, Hot Rails, Cool Rails, Vintage Rails and the new Classic Stack Plus) have circuit boards on the undersides of the pickup. However, the pickups named above are passive, not active. The circuit board material is used for internal wiring and hookup and does not indicate that the pickup utilizes […] Continue Reading

What can you tell me about Duncan Designed?

Duncan Designed pickups are designed by Seymour Duncan and built in Korea’s finest pickup workshop. Some of these pickups are modeled after current models of the USA line. Duncan Designed pickups are only available as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) direct to guitar manufacturers who produce instruments in the $300-$800 range. Continue Reading

What can you tell me about Duncan Performers?

Duncan Performer pickups are a mid-level brand of pickups exclusive to Guitar Center stores. These pickups were designed in our Santa Barbara factory and are built by hand to our spec in Korea’s finest pickup workshop. Because they use Korean materials and labor, we’re able to bring them to market at a lower price point. They’re designed to appeal to an entry-level or mid-level player who […] Continue Reading

What are Parallel Axis Trembuckers?

One type of Trembucker that we made famous is our patented Parallel Axis design [see]. Here, four pole pieces per string insure that all the vibrations are captured for greater tonal range and dynamics. Because they’re Trembuckers, they’re designed for the 2.070″ or 52.6mm spacing. All Parallel Axis bridge pickups are Trembuckers. But not all Trembuckers are Parallel Axis pickups. Check out this article to learn […] Continue Reading