Labels built in or after 2002

Posted on by Kat King

If you need help identifying your pickup and believe it was built in 2002 or after, here’s the common label codes that you will find underneath your pickup.

Label on pick-up  Label Code   Description of Pickup
SH1N 80031500053   SH-1n ’59 Model Blk 4-Conductor
SH1N 80031500054   SH-1n ’59 Model Blk
SH1N 80031500055   SH-1n ’59 Model Custom Color
SH1N 80031500056   SH-1n ’59 Model Gold
SH1N 80031500057   SH-1n ’59 Model Gold 4-Cond
SH1N 80031500058   SH-1n ’59 Model Nkl
SH1N 80031500059   SH-1n ’59 Model Nkl 4-Cond
SH1N 80031500060   SH-1n ’59 Model Reverse Zebra
SH1N 80031500061   SH-1n ’59 Model Rev Zebra 4-C
SH1N 80031500062   SH-1n ’59 Model White
SH1N 80031500063   SH-1n ’59 Model White 4-Cond
SH1N 80031500064   SH-1n ’59 Model Zebra
SH1N 80031500065   SH-1n ’59 Model Zebra 4-Cond
SH1B 80031500066   SH-1b ’59 Model Blk
SH1B 80031500067   SH-1b ’59 Model Blk 4-Conductor
SH1B 80031500068   SH-1b ’59 Model Custom Color
SH1B 80031500069   SH-1b ’59 Model Gold
SH1B 80031500070   SH-1b ’59 Model Gold 4-Cond
SH1B 80031500071   SH-1b ’59 Model Nkl
SH1B 80031500072   SH-1b ’59 Model Nkl 4-Cond
SH1B 80031500073   SH-1b ’59 Model Reverse Zebra
SH1B 80031500074   SH-1b ’59 Model Rev Zebra 4-C
SH1B 80031500075   SH-1b ’59 Model White
SH1B 80031500076   SH-1b ’59 Model White 4-Cond
SH1B 80031500077   SH-1b ’59 Model Zebra
SH1B 80031500078   SH-1b ’59 Model Zebra 4-Cond
SM1N 80031500079   SM-1n Vntg Mini-Humbkr
SM1N 80031500080   SM-1b Vntg Mini-Humbkr
SH2N 80031500089   SH-2n Jazz Model Blk
SH2N 80031500090   SH-2n Jazz Model Custom Color
SH2N 80031500091   SH-2n Jazz Model Gold
SH2N 80031500092   SH-2n Jazz Model Nkl
SH2N 80031500093   SH-2n Jazz Model Reverse Zebra
SH2N 80031500094   SH-2n Jazz Model White
SH2N 80031500095   SH-2n Jazz Model Zebra
SH2B 80031500096   SH-2b Jazz Model Blk
SH2B 80031500097   SH-2b Jazz Model Custom Color
SH2B 80031500098   SH-2b Jazz Model Reverse Zebra
SH2B 80031500099   SH-2b Jazz Model White
SH2B 80031500100   SH-2b Jazz Model Zebra
SH3 80031500101   SH-3 Stag Mag Blk
SH3 80031500102   SH-3 Stag Mag Custom Color
SH3 80031500103   SH-3 Stag Mag White
SH3 80031500104   SH-3 Stag Mag Zebra
SH4 80031500105   SH-4 JB Model Blk
SH4 80031500106   SH-4 JB Model Custom Color
SH4 80031500107   SH-4 JB Model Gold Cov
SH4 80031500108   SH-4 JB Model Nkl
SH4 80031500109   SH-4 JB Model Reverse Zebra
SH4 80031500110   SH-4 JB Model White
SH4 80031500111   SH-4 JB Model Zebra
SH5 80031500112   SH-5 Duncan Custom Blk
SH5 80031500113   SH-5 Duncan Custom Custom Color
SH5 80031500114   SH-5 Duncan Custom Rev Zebra
SH5 80031500115   SH-5 Duncan Custom White
SH5 80031500116   SH-5 Duncan Custom Zebra
SH6B 80031500117   SH-6b Duncan Distortion Blk
SH6B 80031500118   SH-6b Dun Distortion Cust Color
SH6B 80031500119   SH-6b Dun Distortion Rev. Zebra
SH6B 80031500120   SH-6b Duncan Distortion White
SH6B 80031500121   SH-6b Duncan Distortion Zebra
SH6N 80031500122   SH-6n Duncan Distortion Blk
SH6N 80031500123   SH-6n Dun Distortion Cust Color
SH6N 80031500124   SH-6n Dun Distortion Rev. Zebra
SH6N 80031500125   SH-6n Duncan Distortion White
SH6N 80031500126   SH-6n Duncan Distortion Zebra
SH8N 80031500127   SH-8n Invader Blk
SH8N 80031500128   SH-8n Invader Custom Color
SH8N 80031500129   SH-8n Invader White
SH8B 80031500130   SH-8b Invader Blk
SH8B 80031500131   SH-8b Invader Custom Color
SH8B 80031500132   SH-8b Invader White
SM2N 80031500133   SM-2n Custom Mini-Humbkr
SM2B 80031500134   SM-2b Custom Mini-Humbkr
SM3N 80031500135   SM-3n Seymourized Mini-Humbkr
SM3B 80031500136   SM-3b Seymourized Mini-Humbkr
SHPG1N 80031500137   SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Blk
SHPG1N 80031500138   SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Cust Color
SHPG1N 80031500139   SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Rev. Zebra
SHPG1N 80031500140   SH-PG1n Pearly Gates White
SHPG1N 80031500141   SH-PG1n Pearly Gates Zebra
SHPG1B 80031500142   SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Blk
SHPG1B 80031500143   SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Cust Color
SHPG1B 80031500144   SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Rev Zebra
SHPG1B 80031500145   SH-PG1b Pearly Gates White
SHPG1B 80031500146   SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Zebra
SH10N 80031500147   SH-10n Full Shred Blk
SH10N 80031500148   SH-10n Full Shred Cust Color
SH10N 80031500149   SH-10n Full Shred White
SH10N 80031500150   SH-10n Full Shred Zebra
SH10B 80031500151   SH-10b Full Shred Blk
SH10B 80031500152   SH-10b Full Shred Cust Color
SH10B 80031500153   SH-10b Full Shred White
SH10B 80031500154   SH-10b Full Shred Zebra
SH11 80031500155   SH-11 Custom Custom Blk
SH11 80031500156   SH-11 Custom Custom Cust Color
SH11 80031500157   SH-11 Custom Custom Rev Zebra
SH11 80031500158   SH-11 Custom Custom White
SH11 80031500159   SH-11 Custom Custom Zebra
PATB1B 80031500160   PA-TB1b Original Parallel Axis
PATB1N 80031500161   PA-TB1n Original Parallel Axis
PATB2B 80031500162   PA-TB2b Dist Parallel Axis
PASTK1N 80031500163   PA-STK1n Parallel Axis Stack
PATB3B 80031500164   PA-TB3b Blues Saraceno Model
SH12 80031500165   SH-12 Screamin’ Demon Blk
SH12 80031500166   SH-12 Screamin’ Demon CustColor
SH12 80031500167   SH-12 Screamin’ Demon White
SH12 80031500168   SH-12 Screamin’ Demon Zebra
SH13 80031501157   SH-13 Dimebucker
SH14 80031501136   SH-14 Custom 5 Blk
SH14 80031501129   SH-14 Custom 5 CC
SH14 80031501130   SH-14 Custom 5 Rev Zebra
SH14 80031501131   SH-14 Custom 5 White
SH14 80031501132   SH-14 Custom 5 Zebra
TB59 80031500169   TB-59 ’59 Trembucker Blk
TB59 80031500170   TB-59 ’59 Trembucker Rev Zebra
TB59 80031500171   TB-59 ’59 Trembucker White
TB59 80031500172   TB-59 ’59 Trembucker Zebra
TB4 80031500173   TB-4 JB Trembucker Blk
TB4 80031500174   TB-4 JB Trembucker Rev Zebra
TB4 80031500175   TB-4 JB Trembucker White
TB4 80031500176   TB-4 JB Trembucker Zebra
TB5 80031500177   TB-5 Duncan Custom Trembkr Blk
TB5 80031500178   TB-5 Dun Custom Trembkr revZeb
TB5 80031500179   TB-5 Duncan Custom Trmbkr White
TB5 80031500180   TB-5 Dunc Custom Trembkr Zebra
TB6 80031500181   TB-6 Dunc Distortion Trmbkr Blk
TB6 80031500182   TB-6 Distortion Trembkr Rev Zeb
TB6 80031500183   TB-6 Dun Distortion Trmbkr Wht
TB6 80031500184   TB-6 Dun Distortion Trmbkr Zeb
TBPG 80031500185   TB-PG1b Prly Gates Trembkr Blk
TBPG 80031500186   TB-PG1b Prly Gts Trembkr revZeb
TBPG 80031500187   TB-PG1b Prly Gates Trmbkr White
TBPG 80031500188   TB-PG1b Prly Gates Trembkr Zeb
TB10 80031500189   TB-10 Full Shred Trembucker Blk
TB10 80031500190   TB-10 Full Shred Trembucker Wht
TB10 80031500191   TB-10 Full Shred Trembucker Zeb
TB11 80031500192   TB-11 Custom Custom Trembkr Blk
TB11 80031500193   TB-11 Custom Custom Trem revZeb
TB11 80031500194   TB-11 Custom Custom Trem White
TB11 80031500195   TB-11 Custom Custom Trem Zebra
TB12 80031500196   TB-12 Screamin’ Demon Trem Blk
TB12 80031500197   TB-12 Screamin’ Demon Trem Wht
TB12 80031500198   TB-12 Screamin’ Demon Trem Zeb
TB14 80031501133   TB-14 Custom 5 Trembkr Black
TB14 80031501134   TB-14 Custom 5 Trembkr White
TB14 80031501135   TB-14 Custom 5 Trembkr Zebra
APH1N 80031500199   APH-1n Alnc II Pro Humbuckr Blk
APH1N 80031500200   APH-1n Alnc II Pro Hmbr Cus
APH1N 80031500201   APH-1n Alnc II Pro Hmbkr RevZeb
APH1N 80031500202   APH-1n Alnc II Pro Humbuckr Wht
APH1N 80031500203   APH-1n Alnc II Pro Humbuckr Zeb
APH1B 80031500204   APH-1b Alnc II Pro Humbkr Blk
APH1B 80031500205   APH-1b Alnc II ProHmbr CustColor
APH1B 80031500206   APH-1b Alnc II Pro Hmbkr RevZeb
APH1B 80031500207   APH-1b Alnc II Pro Humbuckr Wht
APH1B 80031500208   APH-1b Alnc II Pro Humbuckr Zeb
SH1N 80031500221   SH-1n ’59 Model Blk 7-Strg
SH1B 80031500222   SH-1b ’59 Model Blk 7-Strg
SH2N 80031500223   SH-2n Jazz Model Blk 7-Strg
SH4 80031500224   SH-4 JB Model Blk 7-Strg
SH5 80031500225   SH-5 Duncan Custom Blk 7-Strg
SH6B 80031500226   SH-6b Duncan Dist Blk 7-Strg
SH6N 80031500227   SH-6n Dun Dist Blk 7-Strg
SH8N 80031500228   SH-8n Invader Blk 7-Strg
SH8B 80031500229   SH-8b Invader Blk 7-Strg
SSL1 80031500230   SSL-1 Vntg Staggered for Strat
SSL1 80031500231   SSL-1 Vntg Stag Strat Cal Set
SSL1 80031500231   SSL-1 Vntg Stag Strat Cal Set
SSL1L 80031500233   SSL-1L Vntg Stag Strat Lft
SSL1 80031500234   SSL-1 Vntg Stag Strat RwRp
SSL1L 80031500235   SSL-1L Vntg Stag Strat RwRp Lft
SSL2 80031500236   SSL-2 Vntg Flat for Strat
SSL2 80031500237   SSL-2 Vntg Flat Strat Cal Set
SSL2 80031500238   SSL-2 Vntg Flat for Strat RwRp
STL1B 80031500239   STL-1b Vntg Lead Broadcaster
STL1 80031500240   STL-1 Vntg ’54 Lead for Tele
STR1 80031500241   STR-1 Vntg Rhythm for Tele
SSL3 80031500242   SSL-3 Hot for Strat
SSL3 80031500243   SSL-3 Hot for Strat Cal Set
SSL3 80031500244   SSL-3 Hot for Strat RwRp
SSL3 80031500245   SSL-3t Hot Strat RwRp Tapped
SSL3 80031500246   SSL-3T Hot for Strat Tapped
SSL4 80031500247   SSL-4 Qtr-Pound Flat for Strat
SSL4 80031500248   SSL-4 Qtr-Pound Strat Cal Set
SSL4 80031500249   SSL-4 Qtr-Pnd Flat Strat RwRp
SSL4 80031500250   SSL-4t Qtr-Pd Flt Strat RwRpTap
SSL4 80031500251   SSL-4T Qtr-Pound Strat tapped
SSL5 80031500252   SSL-5 Custom Stag for Strat
SSL5 80031500253   SSL-5 Custom Stag Strat Cal Set
SSL5L 80031500254   SSL-5L Cust Stag Strat CalSetLt
SSL5L 80031500255   SSL-5L Custom Stag Strat Lft
SSL5 80031500256   SSL-5 Custom Staggered RwRp
SSL5L 80031500257   SSL-5L Cust Stag Strat RwRp Lft
SSL5 80031500258   SSL-5T Custom Stag Strat Tap
SSL6 80031500259   SSL-6 Custom Flat for Strat
SSL6 80031500260   SSL-6 Cust Flat Strat Cal Set
SSL6 80031500261   SSL-6 Cust Flat for Strat RwRp
SSL7 80031500262   SSL-7 Qtr-Pound Stag Strat
SSL7 80031500263   SSL-7 Qtr-Pound Stag Strat RwRp
SSL7 80031500264   SSL-7T Qtr-Pound Strat Tapped
STL2 80031500265   STL-2 Hot Lead for Telecaster
STL2 80031500266   STL-2T Hot Lead for Tele Tapped
STR2 80031500267   STR-2 Hot Rhythm for Telecaster
STL3 80031500268   STL-3 Qtr-Pound Lead for T
STL3 80031500269   STL-3T Qtr-Pound Lead Tele Tap
STR3 80031500270   STR-3 Qtr-Pound Rhythm for Tele
STR3 80031500271   STR-3T Qtr-Pnd Rhythm Tele Tap
SSL521 80031500272   SSL52-1 Five-Two for Strat
SSL521 80031500273   SSL52-1 Five-Two for Strat RwRp
SSL521B 80031500274   SSL52-1b Five-Two Strat CustBdg
STL52 80031500275   STL52-1 Five-Two Lead for Tele
STR52 80031500276   STR52-1 Five-Two Rhythm Tele
STKS1B 80031500277   STK-S1b Classic Stack Strat Blk
STKS1B 80031500278   STK-S1b Classic Stack Strat Wht
STKS1N 80031500279   STK-S1n Classic Stack Strat Blk
STKS1N 80031500280   STK-S1n Classic Stack Strat Wht
STKS2B 80031500281   STK-S2b Hot Stack for Strat Blk
STKS2B 80031500282   STK-S2b Hot Stack for Strat Whi
STKS2N 80031500283   STK-S2n Hot Stack for Strat Blk
STKS2N 80031500284   STK-S2n Hot Stack for Strat Whi
STKT2B 80031500285   STK-T2b Hot Stack Ld for Tele
STKT1N 80031500286   STK-T1n Vntg Stack Rhy Tele
STK3B 80031500287   STK-T3b Vntg Stack lead Tele
APS1 80031500288   APS1 Alnc II Pro for Strat Stag
APS1 80031500289   APS1 Alnc II Pro Stg Strt Cset
APS1 80031500290   APS1L Alnc II Pro for Strat Lft
APS1 80031500291   APS1 Alnc II Pro Stg Strat RwRp
APS1 80031500292   APS1L Alnc II Pro StgStrt RwRpL
APTL1 80031500293   APTL-1 Alnc II Pro Lead Tele
APTR1 80031500294   APTR-1 Alnc II Pro Rhy for Tele
APS2 80031500295   APS2 Alnc II Pro Flat Strat
APS2 80031500296   APS2 Alnc II Pro FlatStrat Cset
APS2 80031500297   APS2 Alnc II Pro FlatStrat RwRp
x 80031500298   APTL-3JD Jerry Donahue Tele Lead
SHR1N 80031500299   SHR-1n Hot Rails for Strat Blk
SHR1N 80031500300   SHR-1n Hot Rails for Strat Whi
SHR1B 80031500301   SHR-1b Hot Rails for Strat Blk
SHR1B 80031500302   SHR-1b Hot Rails for Strat Whit
STHR1B 80031500303   STHR-1b Hot Rails Lead for Tele
SCR1N 80031500304   SCR-1n Cool Rails for Strat Blk
SCR1N 80031500305   SCR-1n Cool Rails for Strat Whi
SCR1B 80031500306   SCR-1b Cool Rails for Strat Blk
SCR1B 80031500307   SCR-1b Cool Rails for Strat Whi
SVR1N 80031500308   SVR-1n Vntg Rails for Strat Blk
SVR1N 80031500309   SVR-1n Vntg Rails for Strat Wht
SVR1B 80031500310   SVR-1b Vntg Rails for Strat Blk
SVR1B 80031500311   SVR-1b Vntg Rails for Strat WhiteLL
SJBJ1N 80031500312   SJBJ-1n JB Jr. for Strat Blk
SJBJ1N 80031500313   SJBJ-1n JB Jr. for Strat White
SJBJ1B 80031500314   SJBJ-1b JB Jr. for Strat Blk
SJBJ1B 80031500315   SJBJ-1b JB Jr. for Strat White
SL59N 80031500316   SL59-1n Little ’59 Strat Blk
SL59N 80031500317   SL59-1n Little ’59 Strat White
SL59B 80031500318   SL59-1b Little ’59 Strat Blk
SL59B 80031500319   SL59-1b Little ’59 Strat White
SLSD1N 80031500320   SLSD-1n Li’l Screamin Demon Blk
SLSD1N 80031500321   SLSD-1n Li’l Screamin’ Demon Wht
SLSD1B 80031500322   SLSD-1b Li’l Screamin Demon Blk
SLSD1B 80031500323   SLSD-1b Li’l Screamin’ Demon Wht
STL591 80031500324   ST59-1 Little ’59 Lead for Tele
SDBR1N 80031500325   SDBR-1n Duckbuckers Strat Blk
SDBR1N 80031500326   SDBR-1n Duckbuckers Strat White
SDBR1B 80031500327   SDBR-1b Duckbuckers Strat Blk
SDBR1B 80031500328   SDBR-1b Duckbuckers Strat Whit
SJAG1N 80031500341   SJAG-1n Vntg for Jaguar
SJAG1B 80031500342   SJAG-1b Vntg for Jaguar
SJM1N 80031500343   SJM-1n Vntg for Jazzmaster
SJM1B 80031500344   SJM-1b Vntg for Jazzmaster
SP901N 80031500345   SP90-1n Vntg P90 Soapbar Blk
SP901N 80031500346   SP90-1n Vntg P90 Soapbar Cream
SP901B 80031500347   SP90-1b Vntg P90 Soapbar Blk
SP901B 80031500348   SP90-1b Vntg P90 Soapbar Cream
SJAG2N 80031500349   SJAG-2n Hot for Jaguar
SJAG2B 80031500350   SJAG-2b Hot for Jaguar
SJAG3N 80031500351   SJAG-3n Quarter-Pound Jaguar
SJAG3B 80031500352   SJAG-3b Quarter-Pound Jaguar
SJM2N 80031500353   SJM-2n Hot for Jazzmaster
SJM2B 80031500354   SJM-2b Hot for Jazzmaster
SJM3N 80031500355   SJM-3n Qtr-Pound for Jazzmaster
SJM3B 80031500356   SJM-3b Qtr-Pound for Jazzmaster
SP902N 80031500357   SP90-2n Hot P90 Soapbar Blk
SP902N 80031500358   SP90-2n Hot P90 Soapbar Cream
SP902B 80031500359   SP90-2b Hot P90 Soapbar Blk
SP902B 80031500360   SP90-2b Hot P90 Soapbar Cream
SP903N 80031500361   SP90-3n Custom P90 Soapbar Blk
SP903N 80031500362   SP90-3n Custom P90 Soapbar Crm
SP903B 80031500363   SP90-3b Custom P90 Soapbar Blk
SP903B 80031500364   SP90-3b Custom P90 Soapbar Crm
STKP1N 80031500365   STK-P1n P90 Soapbar Stack Blk
STKP1N 80031500366   STK-P1n P90 Soapbar Stack Crm
STKP1B 80031500367   STK-P1b P90 Soapbar Stack Blk
STKP1B 80031500368   STK-P1b P90 Soapbar Stack Crm
SLDN 80031500369   SLD-1n Lipstick Tube Danolectro
SLD1B 80031500370   SLD-1b Lipstick Tube Danolectro
SLS1 80031500371   SLS-1 Lipstick for Strat
SLS1 80031500372   SLS-1 Lipstick for Strat RwRp
SLS1B 80031500373   SLS-1B Lipstick Strat Cust Brdg
SJB1N 80031500374   SJB-1n Vntg for Jazz Bass
SJB1B 80031500375   SJB-1b Vntg for Jazz Bass
SPB1 80031500376   SPB-1 Vntg for P-Bass
SJB2N 80031500378   SJB-2n Hot for Jazz Bass
SJB2B 80031500379   SJB-2b Hot for Jazz Bass
SJB3N 80031500380   SJB-3n Quarter-Pound Jazz Bass
SJB3B 80031500381   SJB-3b Quarter-Pound Jazz Bass
SPB2 80031500382   SPB-2 Hot for P-Bass
SPB3 80031500383   SPB-3 Quarter-Pound for P-Bass
SRB1N 80031500386   SRB-1n Humbkr for Rickenbacker
SRB1B 80031500387   SRB-1b Humbkr for Rickenbacker
SMB4D 80031500388   SMB-4D 4-Strg Music Man Ceram
SMB4A 80031500389   SMB-4A 4-Strg Music Man Alnc
SMB4D 80031500390   SMB-4DS 4-St Musc Man w/STC-3M3
SMB5D 80031500391   SMB-5D 5-Strg Music Man Ceram
SMB5A 80031500392   SMB-5A 5-Strg Music Man Alnc
SMB5D 80031500393   SMB-5S 5-Str Music Man w/STC-3M4
SJ5N 80031500394   SJ5n 67/70 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
SJ5B 80031500395   SJ5b 67/70 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
SJ5S 80031500396   SJ5s 67/70 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
SJ5N 80031500397   SJ5n 70/74 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
SJ5B 80031500398   SJ5b 70/74 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
SJ5S 80031500399   SJ5s 70/74 for 5-Strg Jazz Bass
STKJ1N 80031500400   STK-J1n Classic Stack Jazz Bass
STKJ1B 80031500401   STK-J1b Classic Stack Jazz Bass
STKJ2N 80031500402   STK-J2n Hot Stack Jazz Bass
STKJ2B 80031500403   STK-J2b Hot Stack Jazz Bass
SJB5N 80031500404   SJB-5n 5-Strg Stack Jazz Bass
SJB5b 80031500405   SJB-5b 5-Strg Stack Jazz Bass
AJB5N 80031500406   AJB-5n Actv 5-Strg. Jazz Bass
AJB5B 80031500407   AJB-5b Actv 5-Strg. Jazz Bass
APB1 80031500409   APB-1 ProActv for P-Bass
APJ1 80031500410   APJ-1 ProActv for P-J Bass
AJJ1 80031500411   AJJ-1 ProActv set for Jazz Bass
AJB1B 412   AJB-1b ProActv Jazz Bass Brdg
APB2 80031500413   APB-2 Lightnin’ Rods P-Bass
APJ2 80031500414   APJ-2 Lightnin’ Rods P-J Bass
AJJ2 80031500415   AJJ-2 LghtnRods set Jazz Bass
AJB2B 80031500416   AJB-2b LghtnRods Jazz Bass Brdg
AJB2 417   AJB-2ASB 4/5-St set w/STC-2ASB
AJB3 80031500418   AJB-3ASB 4/5-St set w/STC-3ASB
ASB5N 80031500419   ASB-5n 5-Strg Phase I
ASB5B 80031500420   ASB-5b 5-Strg Phase I
ASB6N 80031500422   ASB-6n 6-Strg Phase I
ASB6B 80031500423   ASB-6b 6-Strg Phase I
  80031500424   ASB-6s 6-Strg Phase I
ASB25N 80031500425   ASB2-5n 5-Strg Phase II
ASB25B 80031500426   ASB2-5b 5-Strg Phase II
ASB26N 80031500428   ASB2-6n 6-Strg Phase II
ASB26B 80031500429   ASB2-6b 6-Strg Phase II
ASB26 80031500431   ASB-2ASB 6-Str Spbr w/STC-2ASB
ASB26 80031500432   ASB-3ASB 6-Str Spbr w/STC-3ASB
SA6 80031500451   SA-6 Mag Mic Acoustic System
S6 80031500452   Benedetto S-6
S7 80031500453   Benedetto S-7
B6 80031500454   Benedetto B-6
B7 80031500455   Benedetto B-7
P.A.F. 80031500456   Benedetto P.A.F. Blk Nckl Cover
P.A.F. 80031500457   Benedetto P.A.F. Gold Cover
A6 80031500458   Benedetto A-6 Blk NckL Cover
A6 80031500459   Benedetto A-6 Gold Cover
Written on July 16, 2015, by Kat King

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