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Thread: Home recording, Mac vs. PC

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    Default Re: Home recording, Mac vs. PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Mavashi View Post
    Thank you all guys, especially VK, I just put an order through for the machine mentioned in last post. Soon, your gaging reflex would be more frequent than you can imagine as you will start seeing my threads here of my horrid playing recorded through mediocre Lambda, by me - a total DAW newb.
    get ready for:

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    Default Re: Home recording, Mac vs. PC

    1983 ???? my Laney is 1984, I am way more modern than that dude.
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    Default Re: Home recording, Mac vs. PC

    Quote Originally Posted by ConcreteDonkey View Post
    To be honest, I love GarageBand on the Mac. It is easy to use even without the manual and does a good job. I was seriously impressed, and recorded a song while on vacation using that program. It did a nice job and so I'm hoping to soon migrate our entire house to the mac.
    I have a G4 laptop with GB & I have recorded about a dozen tunes with it. I have to redo most of them because I tried to record without a click track and my tempo is all over the place, but it worked really well. I bought a Berhinger V amp as well as a Mbox which came with Pro tools LE. The Pro tools is certainly better, but for what I am trying to do.... I find Garage band to be fine. I'm not trying to cut an album. I'm just putting ideas down. I had initially started using Audacity on my PC & that was real easy to use and Free. I got some pretty good results with it, but the Mac is a little easier for me.
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