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Thread: The Well, volume Jake (XXI)

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    Default Re: The Well, volume Jake (XXI)

    nice well, jake

    just a note - i think the cool thing about the well was that the current host picks the next host ... to me, it was the capstone moment of each well ... the last thing we learned about the host was who *THEY* wanted to know more about

    volunteering to be the host should be like gloss ...

    would be a shame if this devolved into a 'ok, i wanna go next' kinda thing ...

    so just pick someone who YOU want to learn more about
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    Default Re: The Well, volume Jake (XXI)

    Quote Originally Posted by ratherdashing View Post
    If you could make the world behave exactly like a video game, which one would it be?

    Any rpg. I could go around defeating enemies and gain experience points, and then get cool powers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom M View Post
    Are there any super cool forum members who don't really post anymore that you miss?

    Seafoamer is the main one, though there are others that have come and gone that I wonder about occasionally.

    I've PMed the person I want to do it next, his thread should be popping up soon.

    Thanks for the opportunity, everyone! Hope you enjoyed learning more about me.
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