Hey, I read ALL the time about guys boosting Marshalls and other tube amps with boss DS1 s and tube screamers and stuff. Any time I try to boost a lead channel, it sounds like mush.. Or like the pedal is causing a clip opposite of the amps natural clip so it screws the tone..

I ask this once years ago somewhere and was told not to run the distortion too high on the pedal. Ive tried this and get a volume boost, but Ive heard players and listened to clips where they definately juice up the gain with these pedals too.
Whats the secret?? I have a bunch of dirt pedals.. most I have to use on the clean channel or get too much feedback.. Grunge, marshall Jackhammer, etc.. But I have some that should be compatible with the front end: Tubescreamer, boss ds1 and boss DS1 modified by a forum bro..

Please share with me..