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Thread: How To Use Two Amps At The Same Time?

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    Default Re: How To Use Two Amps At The Same Time?

    For switching options, stereo effects, and the "wall of sound", 2 amps can be really cool. I also prefer doing it with a stereo chorus pedal. Aside from a stereo chorus effect, I go for a "bi-amp" effect, commonly used by bassists and some guitarists. The bi-amp effect involves splitting the signal by any means and tweaking the EQ knobs to accentuate the strengths of a respective amp and lower the shortcomings. The result is that they fill in each other's gaps in the wall of sound. For example, one amp could be set for a deep bass rumble, which the other can't handle, while the other could be EQed for a proper upper midrange sting.
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    In the perfect world, this would be my set up :

    Not that i am a fan of their music, but the rig, ohhhh man !

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    I used to use a Boss CE-1 as the splitting point, and when I wanted a wide sound, turned it on, when not, turned it off.

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    I'd like to say that I find playing through two small amps (like two Fender Princetons, two Deluxes, etc.) allows me to get a big sound and get the sustain of a cranked amp, while at the same time feeling as if I'm playing at a more modest, less ear damaging level.

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    I know I'm reviving an old thread here but it's a great thread and hopefully I can add information to it. I tried splitting to two amps last nigth with my Line6 DL-4 and it worked when I engaged a preset, but in True Bypass Mode it only routed out the Left/Mono. I forgot to try it with Alternate Bypass Mode - DSP still enabled - but don't want that anyway. Is this expected behavior? Additionally, and importantly, I read that splitting to two amps in a venue with poor wiring (most!) could fry one of the amps, and potentially injure the guitarist :S I forget the post but it was detailed and has me worried now - is there any truth to this, and is it anymore likely with two amps than one amp in such an environment? I would luurve the Lehle pedal but I have no money so I'm hoping I can run both amps with the DL-4 pre and post FX.

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