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We went with the original design.

There are 'cylindrical' tops that date back to lutes in the 1800s and more recently Rick Turners guitars - they are just comfortable.

That guitar was mine first and Elliot wanted it!
He loaned my his "Reeling in the Years" strat for a few weeks so I could not say no.

That's really funny... because I remember "comfort" being a large part of the conversation we had about that instrument! At that point I had been playing the same Hamer for a few years and he had spent many years with that Strat... and we both seemed to agree that our respective instruments felt like home & anything else felt weird, but that MC1 was just right.

This was probably 1997 or therebouts...

At the time, I recall that there were some more 'traditional' instruments with alder or ash bodies, still with the curved top but there was like a H/S/S setup or something like that in the line. USA made.

Was that more challenging to build then a regular old Strat? Or about the same?

And where are the i2000's made? USA or overseas?