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Thanks for doing this, Rick!

If I remember correctly, the pickup on the Model 1 rotates - how did you come up with that idea, and what does it do for the sound? And is it motorized?

No motors! And yes, it rotates to about 45 degrees either way from 90 to the strings. The idea has several bases...yes, to be able to change the angle at which the pickup intersects the stringt, but also on the original Model 1s, removing the pivot screw allowed fairly easy backing out of the pickup to give access to the truss rod nut. I've subsequently move the truss rod access up to the peghead, thanks to modern truss rod designs that do not require a large access cavity in the peghead...one of the contributing factors to broken Gibson pegheads.

The pickup cavity also provides access to the upper bout, bass side for a pickup blend or pickup switch on those instruments that get that, and also the channel for the leads from an optional piezo bridge or second magnetic pickup.