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You seem to have the facilities to make a decent recording. Do you record your own stuff a lot?
I'm planning on starting soon. Just have a lot going on right now with my home business, and we've got the house on the market, so that's made it tough to plan anything out in advance. I don't leave the lockbox out, so the realtor has to set up showings in advance and then I let the people in and take off for a bit. We're actually going to take it down if it doesn't sell this summer, at that point I'll be able to unpack some stuff and then get busy.

What about bands? Do you play live or do you prefer jamming on your own or with friends?
I'm not very good in front of people, so it's definitely on my own. If I ever do record an album and get a record deal and what-not I'm in trouble.

I was going to ask you about who's influenced your song writing but I probably wouldn't know who the hell they are.

Tell me anyway.
Depends on the day. I want to do some speed metal stuff.. so Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, Kreator, etc..

Heavy industrial metal.. Ministry, Skrew, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad.

Progressive Blackened Death Metal... maybe a combination of Marduk, Unleashed, Opeth, and the like.

Mostly I just like to have fun though. Maybe I'll come up with something new.

Whatever I do, it's going to be something where people aren't going to say "MAN, that's annoying." I've heard so many trends in metal and I keep thinking.. ok, NOW it can't get any worse.