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Hmm. I'd always heard the Distortion and JB were the same pickup with different magnets.

Maybe it's the "old" vs "new"? Maybe the coils of the DD, having been used for so long, have settled into a given "voice" as the wax melts and resets (however minimal) from body, storage, and stage heat, thus slightly constricting the coils.

Or maybe it's the trem-spacing vs regular spacing?
Yeah...I'm wondering all this myself. I keep trying to justify it. Could it be? The magnet is old, but that part is not the question. Trem spacing...maybe. More wire? I did loose some wax, but did the hair dryer thing to try and recover the wax bonding. ???

The old DD on my ESP was not quite as close as this modded JB on the RR1, but at one time it was as close as I could get on the top end because the non-trem poles were missing the 1st string...and I was looking for VH gain. But as soon as I put this modded JB into the RR1, and played it as low as I could get it, it just smashed the front end of my amp harder than anything I have heard. I mean it really jumped out with mega-gain. I lowered the pickup as low as I could get it. The wires from the other pickup and output jack are under the short legs of the modded JB, so I can't get it any lower. It is close to the strings (closer than I usually like), but not too close. Both guitars are maple neck through alder...but the ESP is a louder chunk of wood, and more resonant.

Got me...I can't explain it. Louder than a MoFo though! Funny...I usually use a compressor/boost for extra "kick" when I want high-gain on my other guitars. No need for that with this monster! It has more gain than my 500T loaded V with the boost!!! I'm just happy with the tone. I might see if I can move the wires below the pickup out of the way so I can drop it some more. It is a bit too much gain. Gee...I never thought I would say that...too much gain?