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Thread: ♦ My Polytone III / IV / V / M-PA Kicks @ss ! ♦

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    Default ♦ My Polytone III / IV / V / M-PA Kicks @ss ! ♦

    Did a casual duet gig , had my Polytone Mini Brute

    Played my Pbass with a acoustic electric and vocal . It's three channels are sweet for all three , can't believe how clean and powerful it sounded .

    This old timer is a vintage early 70s issue . The chrome on the corner metal protectors is all worn away .

    With close to 100 watts , the bass popped out nice and big as the vocals floated out superbly . The guitar was super sweet sounding .

    I was actually on my way to get a SD Mig-Mag after seeing the video of David Gilmore posted by Evan Kopp , it was nice .

    But after hearing what that piezo sounded like well I was flabbergasted .

    This marriage of my Polytone and my Washburn's Piezo kicks serious @ss . I was getting nothing but compliments on the sound . My cousin was my duet partner , he was playing a Martin ( vintage 40's ) and well , he could not believe how much better I was sounding through the P . A. ( Mini Brute ) than his factory modded D-18 . On other systems I hear that [ Quack ] but it was not there at all through the Mini Brute . No wonder guys like George Benson use them exclusively .

    When I unplugged the mic and plugged in my Shure 520D Bullet , man it kicked butt again .

    So through it a harp bullet mic - a Shure Unidyne hiz mic - two acoustic electrics and a Pbass and all through one amp !

    I had to throttle back the volume even outdoors on this brute ! Heh heh heh . It was echoing all over this guys neighborhood .

    It's rated @ 90 Watts RMS and it's pure killer too .

    And the best thing is , it weighs nothing compared to my other P . A .s . The two cabs with 10"and 8" drivers sound full and clear when the bass is doing it's thang . My cousin had his doubts on this sucker being a bass player primarily heh heh , his jaw dropped .

    Now I go to another gig , my family's re union , lots of killer musicians too , some live and play in Las Vegas all the time as full time musicians , they are cover band musicians and can really stretch so I am out for a great time today .

    Easy All :

    Hurricane Ramon
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    Default Re: ♦ My Polytone III / IV / V / M-PA Kicks @ss ! ♦

    Polytone is great stuff!
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    Default Re: ♦ My Polytone III / IV / V / M-PA Kicks @ss ! ♦

    My first bass amp was a Polytone.

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