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Thread: Blackstar ID 100 opinions ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelleuk View Post
    Does the 260TVP sound as good as the HT40 ? not even close ( IMO ) The HT40 is so much warmer and with more body and soul.
    Is the 260TVP a bad sounding combo? Absolutely not! Its an amazing amp with many options and variations, Its a "Swiss Army Amp" and a great option if you want to get as close as possible without actually havng tubes.
    I am rather interested in purchasing this amp, and I really do like how you describe it as the Swiss Army Knife of amps. I do have a question, which i've yet to see anyone talk about it, and that being the main reason as to why I have yet purchase it. When one engages the TVP, does this amp continue to feel tight and focused like a usual SS amp, or does it introduce that looseness that tube amps tend to have?

    I ask this because I am looking for a modern SS amp that can do a very wide variety of extreme metal well, that including brutal death metal in the style of early Suffocation.

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    there is no 2 second latency issue.. i've owned 2 id:60's and an Id:100 and they switch almost instantly (very slight delay) from the console and the latency only occurs when using the foot switch (fs-10).. and that time is about a second.. but it does exist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brow View Post
    I'm assuming Beers changes the valves when they sound bad, just that he's never had 1 blow or break.
    Correct. I did have my very first EL34 blow on me since my last comment but 1 within 10 years is pretty good. It didn't exactly blow, but it was close. It was flashing blue light and making popping sounds.
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